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History of the Lions Club "Help Build the Bridge Project"

The following report is furnished to explain the history and status of our Lions Club "Help Build the Bridge Project".

The purpose of this Ellijay Lions Club project is to obtain funds for building a pedestrian walk-over bridge that will connect the Soccer Area and the Gilmer County Recreation / Lions Club Complex.

The cost estimate to build a bridge that spans 124 feet over the Coosawattee River has changed since 2001 due to the design concept of the bridge and the incorporation of Park improvements.

The original cost estimate of $150,000.00 included a pre-manufactured type bridge span delivered to the site, engineering & services and bridge abutment to support the bridge span.

The additional cost of handicap ramps to the bridge span is unknown until the engineering effort is completed.

The scope of this project was changed when we made an Application for Transportation Enhancement Funding - "TE Application 10-123-04-01, titled Gilmer County Riverfront Pedestrian Walkway".

The additional scope added walk paths, park entrance, and landscaping enhancements.

This bridge will be contracted by three Gilmer County Commissioners and will belong to the citizens of Gilmer County for access to the Recreation areas and parking.

In addition, the bridge will help relieve traffic and bussing during the Apple Festival and allow the community to enjoy using both sides of the river for walking and recreation activities.

It will be safer for kids to go from one athletic field to another. A walk path will circle the Soccer area giving added diversion to those exercising by walking and jogging.

The recreation staff will be able to perform field maintenance and be able to offer instruction easier by using the bridge in lieu of having to drive to the other side of the river.

Our goal is to be able to provide more sports activity to help our youth develop mentally and physically and have healthy outlets for their energy as they learn.

Obtaining more areas for recreation fields and parking is being pursued.

History of our bridge project.

Project Beginning – Ellijay Lions Club / Gold Kist - 1997

Request for Governor’s Discretionary Funds – April 28, 1999 (not mailed).

Invoice from North Georgia Regional Development Center – April 22, 1999.

Certificate –Coupon - Advertisement Agreement – with about 100 merchants – Winter 1998 - Spring 1999.

Contract and Agreement on Coupon Books – on May 12, 1999 between Waddell Printing, Inc, and “Help Build the Bridge” – a project of the Georgia Apple Festival, Inc. signed by Jimmy E. Talbot and John Waddell.

Support Letters – to the Governor:

1.Ellijay Lions Club – Herman Clark, President - April 21, 1999,

2.Apple Festival Committee – Jimmy Talbot, President – April 19, 1999.

3.BMX, Inc – Don Gladney, President – April 22, 1999.

4.City of Ellijay – Al Hoyle, Mayor – April 19, 1999.

5.City of East Ellijay – Mack West, Mayor – April 23, 1999.

6.Ellijay Lioness Club – Emma Lou Stover, President.

7.Friend’s of the River – Paul Nealey, President – April 22, 1999.

8.Gilmer County Chamber of Commerce – Ray Camp, Secretary – April 20, 1999.

9.Gilmer County Recreation Department – Jim Mullinax, Director – May 5, 1999.

10.Gilmer County Commission – Rayburn Smith, Chairman – May 5, 1999.

11.Gilmer County School System – Lex Rainey, Superintendent

12.Optimist Club of Cartecay – Arthur Weaver, President.

13.Times – Courier Newspaper George Bunch III, Associate Publisher – April 20, 1999.

14.WLJA Tri-State Communications – Byron Dobbs, President – April 15, 1999.

Thank you Letter to C. W. Matthews Contracting Company – from Herman Clark, President of the Ellijay Lions Club – May 17, 1999.

Request to Wayne Shakelford, Commissioner of Georgia Department of Transportation –

Sanford Lyons, First Vice President – Ellijay Lions Club - June 2, 1999.

Donation of Steel to Gilmer County – ($27,000 value to be applied to Help Build the Bridge –

Herman Clark, President Ellijay Lions Club – June 10, 1999.

Bridge Foundation Investigation by DOT – from Wouter Gulden, P. E. State Materials and Research Engineer – July 12, 1999.

Ellijay Lions Club Goals for 2000-2001 - June 2, 2000.

Arcadis Geraghty & Miller – Estimate / Quote on Bridge – September 12, 2000.

Dopp & Dopp Associates, Inc. Estimate/ Quote on Bridge – December 20, 2000.

FAX to Amos Amerson for State Grant on Building the Bridge - $90,000 was placed in the State Budget hopper by our Representative, but was eliminated before approval.

Amicalola EMC Trust Request for $10,000 - January 25, 2001.

Ellijay Lions Club Charities Budget for 2001 – January 25, 2001.

Help Build the Bride Program Income – Feb 21, 2001.

Georgia Power Company Request for donation of small parcel of land for bridge footprint and handicap ramp area – Sandy Lyons, President Ellijay Lions Club, February 26, 2001.

Help Build the Bridge information - March 11, 2001.

Letter to Governor Barnes requesting help to Build the Bridge – Sandy Lyons, President Ellijay Lions Club – March 11, 2001.

Request for Transfer from Governor’s Discretionary Fund – Rayburn Smith, Gilmer County Commission Chairman – March 20, 2001.

Attended Workshop for T.E. Funds

Had Numerous Planning Meetings with Dennis Goings, Arcadis

Had Coordination Meetings with RDC at Dalton

Application for T.E. “Gilmer County Riverfront Pedestrian Walk path”

Prepared with Cost Estimates and Description of Work.

Obtained RDC’s Approval on T.E. Application.

Received Letters of Support on Project from:

(45 supporters including elected officials, businesses, organizations, and individuals.)

Rayborn Smith signed T.E. Original Application for Submittal to Georgia DOT

Submitted T.E. Application to Georgia DOT

Meeting November 17, 2003 with Georgia DOT - Harold Linnenkohl, Mike Evans –(did not attend), Rayburn Smith –(unable to attend), Johnny Gresham, Peter Hortman, Terry Gable, Martin Teem, Sandy Lyons on “Revised T.E. Application / Relocation of Bob Cat Trail”.

Received new Cost Estimates and description of Project from Arcadis

Received Notice of Award $ 221,500.00 from Georgia DOT and that we must reduce our Project Scope due to Lack of Funds Available. April 16, 2004

Reduced our Scope to remove the Walk paths to the Middle School and to eliminate the Enhancements to Bobcat Trail Intersection.

May 12, 2004.

Resubmitted “Revised T.E. Application” with Commissioner’s signature.

May 28, 2004.

Received Notice of Award for $221.500.00 from Georgia DOT.

Received Notice of Award for additional $ 50,000.00 from Georgia DOT

County Advertised for Consultant Engineering Bids in the Times- Courier.

Commissioners Received Three Bids Submitted.

Rejected all Three.

This page show the engineering services that were quoted to Gilmer County Commissioners required to prepare a design and implement construction of the bridge over the Coosawatee River.



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