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We have many women veterans out there. These ladies served in many roles in war and peace time. It was she that applied the bandage and stopped the bleedimg of many frontline soldiers, nursed him back to health.

It was she that fed the hungry soldier and comforted him in time of great stress. She typed his orders and brought him mail from home.

She flew that airplane, drove that truck. Packed his parachute.

Her service was in so many areas, it is not possible to show them all here.

In later times of conflict, she was very present on the front lines defending our freedom.

Note from the desk of the Editor:

I remember December 7/ 1941.

I remember War declaired on the following day.

I saw people go to work supporting the war effort. A great majority of these were women. They did jobs in every industry supplying material to the military. In my mind I still see these ladies building airplanes, tanks, trucks etc. They worked in sewing plants making a large variety of clothes, boots and all that was needed.

Then there were wives, mothers and grandmothers helping. I remember when Mom opened a tin can it was flatened and put in with all types of scrap metals for recycling.

Another thing I remember so well was the stress the women had just having the bare necessities to keep the children warm and fed. The meager allotment she received always ran out before the month ended and she received another soldier's payroll check.

It was always the woman that answered the knock on the door to receive the terrible news.............


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Stan McDonald

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